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Bunded Fuel Tanks

Bunded fuel tankBunded Fuel Tanks

Bunded fuel tanks are a more common feature on plant sites. The portable Fuelling Stations help reduce the cost of fuel used by generators and plant machinery. They are also part of farming lifestyle enabling farmers in remote locations to have access to fuel at a more continuous flow. The question is why do we use Bunded Tanks to store fuel or oil. Why cant we use and old container?

The answer is contamination. Bunded Storage Tanks are used to keep the environment safe from contamination. If oil, fuel or any other hazardous liquid seeps into the ground it could render the soil toxic. The problem would increase with rain spreading the contaminant deeper into the ground and possibly into local rivers and waterways. The law states that you are responsible for maintaining safe storage of any hazardous liquid from escaping into the environment at risk of huge financial penalty.

How does a Bunded Fuel Tank work?  A bund wall is a shell that contains a tank within.  The outer shell tank (which is also referred to as the second skin)  is usually 10% larger then the content of the smaller tank within.  The outer tank is there to protect liquid escaping from breaches in the internal tank.

Bunded tanks are now used for feed generator tanks to store diesel fuel safely and also as waste oil storage tanks. They can also be converted into portable fuelling station on building sites. This keep fuel safe from being spilled and endangering local wildlife and inhabitants.

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