The Best Breed For a Good Guard Dog

Are you looking for a great guard dog and would like a few examples of the kinds of dogs that would best be suited for this purpose? Just remember that even though you are seeking out a guard dog, you are also looking for a dog as a companion too. Don’t just adopt a dog for the purpose of protection because even a guard dog needs love and nurturing too.

The Wolf Dog is an excellent choice for guard dog because this dog was bred as a descendant of the wolf. These types of dogs may not make for the perfect family dog but they are very loyal and protective animals. They do not appear to be as social of an animal as it has a bit of a wild side to them. Although they are domesticated animals, they are also a little unpredictable. They are highly intelligent animals and will protect you and your family from intruders with his life.

The russian caucasian mountain dog is the best of both worlds when it comes to having a terrific guard dog but also a loving pet. He is very gentle and loving towards his human family and friends but extremely guarded around strangers. This breed is also an extremely intelligent and intuitive animal and seems to understand and take his cues from you when sensing whether something or someone is a threat. This dog will also not even think twice about protecting you and your family with his life which is what makes this breed one of the best all-around dog for protection.

The Cane Corso dog, also known as the Butchers Dog, is a breed that originated from Southern Italy and used for hunting and protection purposes. He is powerfully built and has an even-keeled temperament which gives him such a wonderfully balanced and sweet personality. But don’t let his sweetness fool you when it comes to stepping up to the plate while protecting you. He can be bold and vicious when need be and his strong and loyal responsibilities towards you and your family never waver in the moment of danger.

The Moscow Watchdog is an interesting looking breed that is a cross between a Caucasian Shepherd and a Saint Bernard. He is intelligent and very receptive to dog training and has many physical and mental attributes of both his ancestral parents. They are loyal, protective and make great family dogs.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a muscular, large and powerful dog. This breed has a very strong affiliation to his pack and very protective of his family and territory. Training this breed will be vital to communicate clearly who the alpha dog is in the family pack relationship.

The Rottweiler is a very powerful, reliable, loyal and self-assured animal. He is one of the most popular guard dogs and highly sought after for having the best of both worlds; a loving pet and a loyal guard dog. Although this breed is highly desirable, it is imperative that he receive proper training. Most Read Article: can dogs eat pear

The Doberman is a highly intelligent and desirable breed. He is loyal, gentle and extremely protective of his family and property. They are easily trained and can be trusted to having the ability of restraining themselves before doing any harm unless provoked.