How To Choose The Best Luggage Tag

If you look over the internet, you will see how many people complain daily about lost or missing luggage that took 3 months before it was given back to them. In some cases, they already gave up waiting because there seems no hope of ever finding their luggage again. While this occurrence is not really that rampant, still it can possibly happen to anyone.

Then again, if losing your luggage is very possible, so is making sure your luggage is safe. There are many ways to keep your luggage safe. You can invest in TSA certified locks to make sure no one other than the authorities can look inside your bag. You may also place a copy of your itinerary inside each of your luggage so that whoever finds them may find you easily.

Another option, which is actually the most popular one, is to place tags on each of your luggage. Baggage tags have become so common that you need not stick to a standard style but can already choose from a very wide range of options. Now, you can be able to protect your luggage while being stylish. How to choose the best bag tag? Here are the ways.

No need to sacrifice style

As I have said earlier in the article, luggage tags have already evolved and there’s no need to stick to a standard style. You can now freely explore what kind of baggage tag you want personally. Most luggage come with attached matching luggage tag but you can cut it off and replace with something that you really like. You can even make one yourself!

A personalized luggage tag will also help in serving its purpose. If you make your own baggage tag, no other luggage tag will look the same as yours. This will lessen the risk of it being lost or stolen. You can also put more effort and make it as unique as possible (without looking tacky) so you could easily spot your luggage from a distance กระเป๋าลาก.

It should last through a storm

What good will your unique bag tag do if it easily gets damaged and torn away? If you are going to buy (or make) your own luggage tag, be sure that it is very durable and is made from tough materials. People who handle luggage in airports are not exactly the most gentle people in the world. Just like how careful you are in choosing a durable luggage, you should also be careful in choosing a tough tag.

Stay away from luggage tags that are made up of paper and paper-like material. Chances are even before your luggage is handled by airport personnel, it’s already torn off by some random passerby. Your choices of durable material include hard plastic, metal and thick fabrics. Aside from the tag itself, also check the durability of the chains that connect the tag to your bag.

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