When I first heard that a new buy button was to be introduced on Instagram, I was very excited. The concept of the buy button and e-commerce is of great interest to me. I hope the concept is interesting to others as well. Here are 5 reasons Instagram should have a buy button.

1. We love e-commerce and the concept of Instabusiness and a buy button is great.

2. The networking potential of business and social selling would be separate from the social platform.

3. An ad network would be beneficial too.

4. Instabusiness is the future of e-commerce.

5. An Instagram for business app would be great.

Here are 4 of the best features of Instagram.

1. It is easy to sign up and register.

2. The photo sharing is amazing.

3. Using Instagram is fun and I can block users or report inappropriate behavior if necessary.

4. The Instacartoon app is fantastic.

When I first signed up for Instagram, I was excited to use all the features. I can like photos and share photos. I can also post my product link for all to see. I was amazed at the digital marketing and I have fun too.

Some great applications include the Instacartoon and Instacollage maker. One app. I would enjoy seeing is Instabusiness app. This would be great as I could log into a separate account for business.

Social selling is the future of e-commerce. Digital marketing is extremely exciting to me and I thought ad space for marketing is a great idea too buy likes.

Some improvements that might be appropriate include improved privacy, antivirus, anti-hacker and safety features. A contact to follow called Instasafety would be great too.

Ratings to rate on Instagram is a great idea too. The reality though is that Instagram is just plain fun. Instaevents throughout the USA is a great social concept too.

To characterize Instagram, the best explanation is like an instant telegram that is free.

I was amazed at all the top businesses that use this social platform.