Optimize Your Mobile Website For SEO

Today, mobiles are used more than desktops for browsing the internet. Users tend to avoid the toil of switching on a laptop just for making an abrupt and brief search as mobiles are much more handy and readily usable as compared to them. Likewise, it is important for your website to optimize for mobile searches so as to live up to the rat race. Here we guide you with the parameters to make your website rank higher in search results

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Use of Responsive Design – A website automatically readjusts itself under responsive design to appear on different devices effectively. This is the most recommended approach even by the Google, as all the matter of a website including images and videos are resized to match up the screen size of the device on which the user is navigating. This makes your website highly accessible to the user as it loads on all the devices without any hassle. As there are no different versions of the same website, it saves you from updating it for various other devices separately.

  • Check out the loading speed of the page – It is a major significant Google ranking factor. Generally what happens is that a user leaves the page if it takes more than five seconds to load. In case of mobile devices, there are most of the times issues with the network speed and their reliability. So, a website that usually materializes at a slow pace will be even slower on a mobile.

One can use Google’s Page Speed Insight Tools to test the page loading time, and it even provides valuable tips for improvement. One should always skip large images and videos when going mobile as they hamper the loading speed of a webpage and ultimately stand as an obstacle in optimization of a mobile website.

    • Blocked page resources – Your website must not have blocked page resources as it would not let a search engine to understand your website page. Make sure that CSS can be clearly seen by the search engine so that it can have a complete picture of your website. The problem crops up when your robot.txt file blocks access to some of your page resources. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to use mobile SEO tool.


    • Go for Short keywords- The content and matter of a website should be well- constructed, keeping in mind the keywords used by the mobile users as these are mostly the shorter ones. One should scrutinize all the possible keywords in order to rank better for the shorter ones and attract a plethora of mobile traffic. Moreover, work on those keywords which are well related to your services.


    • Local Search- Mobile users mostly engage in local searches i.e. for electronic outlets nearby, places to dine and many more, rather than targeting overseas. So, one needs to make strenuous efforts to optimize the local search results.


  • Never skip Meta.txt- Meta.txt is a file which helps a search engine to index the content of a website and helps in making it a part of search result. Under this file, you can summarize the contents of your website. Meta.txt is somewhat similar to robots.txt which is used in the desktop versions. The major drawback of a Meta.txt is that it is not supported by Google. So, it is better to already index the content well.