Best Dog Boots for Hiking

If you enjoy hiking, it is advisable to take your dog too. You do not hike barefoot because the rocks and the sharp edges may injure you so shouldn’t the dog. If you wish for the dog to accompany you during hikes, buy the best dog boots for hiking. With the best hiking dog boots, the dig can go miles alongside you and its paws can be protected from scratches or cuts.  The best dog boots for hiking depends on how frequent you go for hiking and this may take time to select.

Musher’s secret dog hiking boots

These are not necessarily boots but they play the same protective role as any other hiking boots. Hiking may involve a number of tedious activities and the paws may crack. These boots reduce the hassle because you place the protective material on the paws without having to put on 4 boots. Simply apply cream to the pads and place them on the paws to create protection between the surface and the paws. The wax based cream you apply will absorb quickly and you need not to worry incase the dog licks. The wax provides vitamin E that moisturizes the paws and makes it hard to crack.

Ultra paws dog boot

These boots have Velcro closures that makes it easy to fit the boot around the paw. The sole to these boots is very thick and water resistant. The sole is designed to be non-slip and are suited for light duty hikes.  When buying, make sure the size is slightly bigger than your dog’s paw to have room for flexibility during the hike.

Ruffwear grip trex boots

These boots are made of strong sole that does not mark the floor and provide sufficient traction that the dog needs during hiking. The material used to make this boot is tightly woven mesh that keeps the fabric breathable. There is a strap closure that is adjustable so you can choose the level of tightness you need. The reflective material makes it possible to see your dog and are great for low hikes. The sizes differ therefore ensure that the boot comfortably fits your dog paws on the front and back.

Lifeful dog boots

These are also and the best hiking dog boots in the market they are designed with a thick and nonslip sole and a water proof material. The material is also breathable to allow free circulation of air into and out of the dog paws. The boots use Velcro closure that seals round the ankle and eases wearing.