Best dog brushes for Golden Retrievers

Your grooming sessions are made better by using a brush that suits your needs. By using the best brush, it will make your pet ownership enjoyable and your dog will look healthier. Knowing what to consider when buying a brush for golden retriever is the first step into getting a happy dog ownership. The needs for each golden retriever will vary therefore it’s important to have more than one brush in your tool kit.

Hertzko slicker brush

This brush has a self -cleaning feature that provides for quick and painless fur removal. There are no more pricks from the tiny pins because by pushing a button, fur is cleaned. The slicker pins are also covered by the cleaning mechanism to avoid accidental poking when the brush is not in use. The handle to this brush has an indented region for the thumb to give better control when using this brush.

Conair bristle brush

This bush is very gentle on skin and fur and will be tender on both puppy fur and other sensitive skin. These bristles also provide optimal oil distribution resulting to healthy and sparkly coat. Conair bristle brush is hand handled therefore emulates petting for dogs that shy from brushes. The brush handle fits comfortably on the hand and this allows for easy control.

Bristle and pin brush combo

This brush has both the bristle and pin side attached to one brush. It is the best brush for pet owners who wish to minimize grooming tools. The metallic and rounded ends make grooming comfortable and they are molded onto the pin meaning they do not fall off and expose sharp edges. The surface that the pins are attached to are cushioned meaning they accommodate your pet’s body during brushing. On the bristle side are nylon bristles that are closely and densely packed to ensure easy removal of dirt.  Nylon edges are also appropriate to use for puppies. The brush handle is made of silicone for comfort no matter how you hold the brush.

FURminator dog rake

The head of the rake has teeth that are slightly contoured therefore they can follow the shape of the dog’s body and have efficient grooming. The teeth from the rake are aligned in one row to ensure easy cleaning .The tips of the teeth are blunt to avoid irritation. The handle is made of rubber that has ridges to allow secure grip.

The right brush will keep your golden retriever with a shiny and healthy coat that keeps them warm and dry. To maintain a healthy coat, you might need more than one tool in your grooming kit.