Best Puppy Treats for Training

If you have a new puppy at home that you intend to train then you need to stock a lot of treats. For reward-based training, treats serve as aid or some form of reward for your puppy. Treats are also helpful supplements to the diet of your puppy.

Stewart pro treat

This is beef liver treats that are frozen and are considered high value treat. This means that anytime you want to treat your puppy, then this is probably the best alternative for you. It is also an alternative for dogs that are picky and need some motivation to grow. Reviews about this treats say that every puppy loves them and it is a great source of encouragement for your puppy. They are light and dried by freezing therefore easy to break into pieces for training. Stewart pro treat are also gluten-free.

Blue bits soft- moist training treats

These are fish proteins and are the best alternative for puppies with a sensitive stomach. The fish in these treats mean that they are nutritious and highly concentrated in omega3, salmon and fatty acids. Fish is known or brain growth and so is this puppy training treats. The salmon and omega 3 also ensure healthy and shiny coats. In addition, there are no additional preservatives, colors or preservative.

Wellness CORE grain free pure rewards

Like any other treats, these treats are not made for puppies only. However they are soft and tender and this suits the puppy’s teeth. Wellness CORE treats are grain free making them a healthy supplement for puppy’s diet. There is no additional wheat, preservatives or color to this puppy rewards making it very natural. These rewards are easy to chop and break into smaller bits for training sessions.

Old Mother Hubbard oven baked puppy biscuits

In case your puppy is a fan of crunchy, then here are some rewards he will love. They are oven baked biscuits with a variety in taste full of ingredients like chicken, carrots or apples. They are designed into mini sizes to perfectly fit small puppy mouths. You can give this treats in any sizes you want because it is easy to crush and break them.

Zukes tiny natural’s peanut butter and flaxseed recipe

If you prefer a slightly less meaty training treat, then this is it. They are soft little peanut butter and flaxseed combination that have minimal calories per treat. They do not leave your hands smelling like meat and they are healthy natural ingredients.