Best spin bike brands

Spin bikes have been in existence for more than ten decades. The “exercycle” equipment was developed in the middle of the nineteenth century and have developed over the years thank to advancements in technology. Indoor spin bikes are popular exercise equipment used by many individuals who want to stay fit or shed off a few pounds which has resulted to the widespread manufacture of the indoor bikes. In the present day the “exercycle” would not be ranked among the best spin bike brands in the market.

Best Spin Bike brands in the Comfort of Your Home

Fitness centres and gymnasiums today are dominated by spinning classes which are done using these indoor bikes. Today one does not have to make a trip to the gym in order to enjoy working out through spinning. Having one of these stationery indoor bikes gives one an opportunity to exercise without having to leave the house as the commuting to and from the gym can be time consuming. The bet brands have been working tirelessly to manufacture spin bikes that are highly advanced to help individuals perform effective cardio workout at the comfort of their homes. With the various manufacturers competitively trying to market their products and get the largest market share it might be very tough for an individual to recognize the authentic and best spin bike brands.

 Keiser M3/M3 Plus/M3i/M3iX plus Indoor Cycle

The Keiser M3i plus is an indoor spin bike that has been finished beautifully with the rear fly wheel uniquely designed to allow full adjustability. When it comes to spin bikes this brand can be likened to the Rolls Royce. The workout experience is extremely effective unlike any other spin bike, it’s very strong, well designed and of superior quality which has resulted to it being ranked as the best spin bike brand available in the market. Its Eddy Current magnetic resistance system that was developed in a period of more than one decade is however the main reason that makes it an excellent choice. The biking range varies from easy to hard comprising of twenty four gears.

Schwinn Fitness Ac Performance Plus

This spin bike costs the same price range as the Keiser but it varies form it in other aspects such as the weight, design and performance. It is much easier to cycle and does not strain the knees a lot which is why many professional cyclist opt for it and consider it the best spin bik The frame of the bike is made from aluminium which makes it rust resistance and light weight despite the flywheel being heavy.