How to Choose The Best Mountain Bikes?


When you are searching for the best mountain bikes, it should be based on how you ride, taste and how much your budget is. Mountain bike is different from other bikes as they have different structures too. If it comes to that bike, you have to consider based on the needs of the road and also how you ride.

If you want to get the best, it all depends on your taste in bike riding. Although many bikes come with 130mm and 160mm, but they should be ideal for any kind of riding especially the trails and mountain roads. There are many brands you can choose for the best mountain bikes. It is quite hard to choose one from hundreds of bikes, but when they have already been the picked from the best products around, you have saved a lot of time and research.

We already have our top list for mountain bikes; all you have to do is prepare your budget and make sure that you read the review that follows

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Canyon Spectral

This German brand always comes with competitive prices as they have announced that they will come with lower prices than average price in the market. The frame comes with Rock Shox fork in 150mm and 140mm for the rear travel. There is protection for the frame so it will enhance both the safety and durability of your bike. When you have chosen this Canyon Spectral, you will enjoy your mountain ride without worrying about the comfort during trail and hard tracks.

Heller Barghest

Another best mountain bike is Heller Barghest. Although, it comes with carbon frames, it does mean that this brand will come with an expensive price tag. However, the tough competition puts this brand in a position where it has started to have a competitive price. Coming with regular forks 140mm, this Heller Barghest claims that their high volume could be a big difference from the common mountain bike.

So that is our top 2 rated mountain bikes for 2018, did you agree with these two? If you are looking for a more comprehensive list visit the team at Fitness Equipment Reviews here –